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So it has come to my attention that the LP I am using to review/icon is no longer on this internet.  I am fixing this as it is a text commentary LP and really good about letting you experience the game and exploring dialogue without interruption.  I have these videos as UNLISTED as I'm... not the actual creator of these videos, I'm simply uploading them to YouTube.  From what I've been told the original creator of the LP had some kind of blowup and deleted all of his things so I'd rather not have him yell at me, but there really isn't any good showings of the game that don't have some unfunny dude talking over them.

I'm slowly uploading these, typically as I sleep, I can post an update in plurk or IRC if people want me to.  Be sure to tell me if there's an issue with the videos- and then I'll get to hope it's not an issue with the source video because like I said- these don't exist anymore orz.

Prince of Persia 08 - 01 - Into the Storm

Prince of Persia 08 - 02 - The Hunter

Prince of Persia 08 - 03 - The Alchemist

Prince of Persia 08 - 04 - The Concubine

Prince of Persia 08 - 05 - The Warrior + The Step of Ormazd

Prince of Persia 08 - 06 - Sun Temple

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Name: Comic
Personal Blog: [personal profile] comic
Other Characters at the Enrichment Center: -
Other Characters at Other RPs: I also play [personal profile] splendad and [personal profile] after_thought at [community profile] cfud

Email: comicsan at gmail
Plurk: pbdigital
IM Service(s): Comic Kun (AIM - I am never on though)
IRC Nicks: Comic
Timezone and Usual Activity: US Central - I'm not sure there is a 'usual' though on weekends it is super latenight.
Preferred Method?: Poke me on IRC, plurk, email. Those are the order in which you'd get a more immediate response.

Name: "The Prince" / NumberThree
Age: late 20s, maybe early 30s?
Sex: Male
Eye/Hair Color: Black hair but Blue eyes
Height/Weight: around 6 feet? He's tall.
Other: Would normally be covered in scars as as sign of a rough life but clonage kind of disrupts that.

Touching: A-OK, especially if you're female.
Sex: Yes, but he's very openly and loudly heterosexual.
Fighting: He's pretty good, even unarmed. Normally fights with a long scimitar style sword and a clawed gauntlet however.
Torture: If the situation calls for it- he's got a higher than average willpower but nothing too impressive.
Death: Quick is best. He can get over that.
Squicks: He's really put off by being controlled or brainwashed.
Fourth-walling: He'll have no idea what the fuck, so do as you please.
Other: He's kind of a smartass jerk and he knows it, so be as abrasive right back at him.


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"The Prince"

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